11 Killer Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

11 Killer Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

21 January 2018

“illustration 11 Killer Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

You love your home. It’s full of memories you created, alterations you made and personal touches you thought of. Basically, it’s got your stamp. But let’s face it; the urge to move can be powerful. Moving on to pastures new is one of life’s natural steps. It’s a necessary evolution. There’s just one teeny problem: your home isn’t selling.

Why? You silently plea. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this house; why is no one snapping it up? Deciding to sell your home is the easy bit. If you don’t have the right help, your decision to move can turn from ‘safe as houses’ to ‘house of cards’ very quickly. But there’s good news… it’s easier than you think to turn your property’s profile around and deliver some real ‘wow’ factor to reel those buyers in. Let’s break it down...

1. Clear the Clutter

Nobody lives in an immaculate palace and your buyer probably doesn’t keep their own home spotless, but it makes sense to clear out the clutter, especially on large surfaces.

Put dishes away, clear counters, stash toiletries in cupboards and your house will appear tidier and bigger. Focus on hallways in particular, as first impressions count big time. This helpful article from The Cleaning Institute breaks it all down very nicely, with some top tips from the pros.

2. Give your Rooms a Sense of Purpose

The key to creating that all-important emotional connection is to encourage your buyers to picture themselves living in your home. To make this happen, each room has to have a clear identity. That may mean turning that makeshift office back into the appealing guest room it once was and properly kitting out your games room into a gamer’s paradise.
(Ramshackle storage space is not a positive identity, unless your buyers are avid Antiques Roadshow fans).

3. Get Out of the Way

If you decide to conduct the viewing – do not linger! It could be difficult for your potential buyers to focus on imagining themselves living in your home with you pointing out little features and playing tour guide. Instead, give them room to breathe and stand at a respectable distance nearby. That way, they know you’re there to answer any questions they have, but you’re not accidentally piling on the pressure. Leave them to their own devices and let them take in the space. (Don’t forget to lock those valuables away!) It will work in your favour in the long run, we promise.

4. Let Your Personality Shine

We mentioned decluttering earlier, which is an important ingredient. But make sure you don’t go overboard and strip all the personality out of your home. Our expertise tells us that buyers are more likely to buy a lifestyle, not just a home. Simplify and streamline your rooms, but keep those attractive personal touches that make a house a home.

5. Clean those Windows

If you have trees or shrubbery outside your windows, make sure you trim them back. No one wants to look out of their window and feel like they’re in the Amazon rainforest. Not only does it make the house look immediately more presentable from the outside, it lets the natural light flood in too.

6. Say it with Flowers

Deck out your hallways and entrance areas with bright blooms of fresh flowers to add easy colour, vitality and natural fragrance.  It’s such a simple and effective way to welcome people through your door.

7. Price it Right

Pitching the price of your house correctly is such a delicate balance. Pricing too high will deter some buyers, but undervaluing it could make buyers wonder what the catch is.
Researching this with your local, experienced estate agent can pay dividends here. Together, look up comparable property sale prices within your area, ideally within half a mile, and make the call based on matters like square footage, current demand and property location. Search your local estate agents here.

8. Bake Some Bread

Never underestimate the subtle, but persuasive power of a homely aroma. Few things cement a sense of home better than the irresistible smell of freshly-baked bread. Channel your inner Mary Berry and get some home baking on the go. You’d be surprised by the psychological impact that smell can have on someone walking through your door for the very first time.

9. Small Details Matter

You don’t need to spend thousands refurbishing your kitchen. Instead, take care of any niggly little jobs you’ve probably been putting off for ages. Fixing that leaky tap, stiff window or broken light bulb is a quick win. Keep your oven sparkling and remove the trays, so if any viewer pops their head in, your property gives the impression of a well-maintained haven.

10. Kick it to the Kerb

Buyers will start assessing your home before they’ve made it through the door. Make sure your hedges, lawns and borders are trimmed, cleared of leaves and take a good look at your brickwork and paintwork too. What could do with a spruce-up? Plump for a power wash if need be.

11. Get Some Fresh Eyes

Get your most honest friend to pop round and give a truthful account of their first impressions.They’re bound to spot things that you’ve become completely oblivious to or blasé about.
So there you have it.  Try and see your home through your buyer’s eyes: what’s taste-specific? What’s off-putting? What needs work put into it? And a last parting tip: if you have a dog, make sure they’re not present at viewings. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to restrain your overly-keen dog that keeps jumping up to greet your visitors. Take Fido to a neighbour’s. Follow these tips and your home-evolution will become a quick, easy and stress-free reality.

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