8 Things to Consider When Buying a Family Home

8 Things to Consider When Buying a Family Home

31 May 2018


If you have a family, you’ll be used to thinking about the bigger picture and putting your children first. Whether you have kids now or are planning a family, you’re going to have to consider whether a property will be suitable for a crawling baby, a tottering toddler or teenagers that need their own space.

We’ve listed eight warning signs to look out for when deciding whether a property is family-friendly.

1. Is there enough outside space?

It’s a fact that children need to blow off steam. Having outdoor space where they can enjoy supervised play is important when choosing a family home. It doesn’t have to be a big football-pitch-sized garden. Even proximity to a nearby park can make all the difference.

2. Are there enough bedrooms?

This may seem like an obvious one, but a growing family need space without living on top of each other. Often it can be hard to picture how your family will grow in size if you’re just starting out, but you may want to plan ahead so there’s ample space for the future, not just the present.

3. Is the kitchen sufficient for your needs?

For some families, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home so a small one may cause you problems. Is there enough space for a large fridge and room to manoeuvre when trying to prepare meals for the family? A kitchen with a dining area or an island with bar stools is ideal as it means the family can gather around and chat while they cook.

3. Are there outside stairs?

If you’ve already got children you’ll know that lugging a huge, heavy pram up a flight of stairs is never ideal. If your children are older they may have bikes or sports equipment.

4. Is there ample storage?

Children may have a whole lot of gear no matter what age they are. Good storage space will prevent rooms becoming cluttered. Toys, books, musical instruments, clothes and many other items are going to need a place to live so that your house remains tidy.

5. Are there schools nearby?

You may wish to find out what the quality of schools are like in the local area, not forgetting playgroups and nurseries if you have younger children. It’s also an idea to consider transport times to schools. Planning your route and considering the traffic will help you to be prepared.

6. Are there shops nearby?

Convenience is a priority when you have children. Even if you stock up on a big supermarket run you’re going to need a local store for emergencies. Is there a walkable solution in the nearby vicinity?

7. Is the staircase safe?

Spiralling staircases with gaping holes are not always suitable for your young children. Make sure you spot any potential hazards and that there are bannisters for little hands to hold onto. Check that the stairs aren’t too steep.

8. Is the neighbourhood safe?

Everyone wants to know that the neighbourhood is safe for their children to live in. Check crime rates for the local area. Make sure that you’re happy with the speed limits for the surrounding roads and look at online forums for answers from residents who know the area.

Your family needs the perfect home to accommodate their growing needs. Try to think ahead and envisage what the future will look like. It will help you find a home that you can stay in for longer.

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