Countryside Overtakes City Life?

Countryside Overtakes City Life?

22 March 2021

The pandemic has given a lot of us time to reflect and reassess what’s really important.

Rightmove has analysed some of the major shifts in the way people search for property over the last year and, interestingly enough, it seems there is a bit of a Clean Air Movement happening.

For the first time ever, Cornwall claimed the top spot from London as the most searched for location for house hunters; in no small part thanks to the huge flocks of tourists travelling down on their staycations last year.

Searches for gardens and green space also saw a significant upwards trend in popularity, and with more than half of Londoners enquiring about properties outside of the city, there is no doubt that habits and lifestyles are changing.

With many workplaces and offices forced to adopt to a virtual way of doing things, demand for a flexible work-life balance has surely had an impact on our priorities too.

We’re not surprised that city-folk have opened their eyes to the fresh air and countryside strolls that we’re lucky enough to appreciate every single day – we’re just wondering why it’s taken them so long!

Essex benefits from its easy transport connections into London whilst boasting vast rolling greenery; so there’s no doubt that there’s a significant opportunity for homeowners both looking to sell or rent.

If you want to find out more about your options and take advantage of this incredible movement, speak to our Sales or Lettings team today!