How to Help you Complete on your New Home by Christmas

How to Help you Complete on your New Home by Christmas

29 September 2021

As the darker nights draw closer and the baggy jumpers start making an appearance, it might be time to start thinking forward to Christmas.

If, like many across the UK, you’re hoping to be in a new home before Santa makes his annual visit there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of a smooth process.

The average time taken from offer to exchange is approximately 13 weeks as the demand for mortgage brokers, moving companies and conveyancers have reached an all-time-high this year.

So, it goes without saying that preparation is key!

Much like putting the turkey in the oven on Christmas Eve, you need to make sure your home is ready to sell too.

Over the last year, many of our priorities have changed as thousands of us have been searching for homes with an extra room and, crucially, garden space.

If you have green space, you need to start thinking of it as an extra room. So, read our tips for the top 5 things you can do to prepare your garden for selling and make sure that your garden looks its absolute best.

If you’re looking for a fast sale, be sure to present your home at its best too. Paint those tired walls, tidy up any unnecessary clutter and ensure it is free of distractions (such as pets, TVs, and background noise) when you have viewings.

Imagine yourself in the potential buyers’ shoes and ask yourself what you can do to make your home more appealing and saleable – what are its strengths and how can you emphasise them.

Make sure all your turkeys are in a row and speak to mortgage companies and conveyancers early.

A good mortgage adviser will be able to arrange an Agreement in Principal and essentially pre-approve you for the value of the home of your dreams, when you find it.

Speak to our mortgage experts today and tick one more thing off the today list.

Speaking to a conveyancer ahead of time and finding one that you feel comfortable with is going to be critical to shaving off valuable days (if not weeks) later on down the line.

Douglas Allen’s conveyancing team are on hand, working closely with our Sales Progressors to ensure the fastest possible process. Find out more about how our conveyancers can streamline your move here.

Another key element in a smooth sale is making sure that all your paperwork is in order, ready for the solicitors and mortgage advisers when the time comes.

To help keep the process smooth, always ensure that you have all the correct paperwork ready ahead of time – signatures, proof of income, identification, certificates of the latest work you’ve had done to the property, etc.

Preparing all of this ahead of time, will help to ensure that there is nothing to slow things down.

Now really is a sellers’ market as people are securing great prices for their homes. Interest rates are low and moving is significantly cheaper than it has been in the past.

Why not get in touch with your local branch and chat with us to find out how you can achieve the best price for your home.

In fact, Douglas Allen sold more than 1 in 3 homes at or over the asking price!* We know that extra cash would come in handy over the festive period and into the new year.

We are your local property experts and, just like Santa’s elves, we work hard to make your home look its best and put it in front of the right buyers to achieve you the very best price.

Get started today and speak to us… Just be sure to update Santa with your new address!

*Sales agreed against current asking price, 27th April 2021 and 29th June 2021