It's good to talk!

It's good to talk!

18 September 2017


Buying or selling your home can be quite stressful enough – without finding that you can’t get hold of your estate agent when you need to.


We understand how frustrating it can be when you have an urgent query or you want an update on the progress of your sale – only to find either that your agent has gone home for the day, or that all the phone lines are permanently busy.


Unlike a lot of ordinary estate agents, we believe that the key to exceptional customer service is good communication. That’s why we go to exceptional lengths to ensure that we’re there for you when you need us. So - thanks to our dedicated customer service hub and specialised support teams - we guarantee that you call will be answered any time between 8.00am and 8.00 pm, seven days a week.  Not with an engaged tone, and not by a pre-recorded message offering you a number of options that may (or may not) fit the bill - but by a real live human being who is there to help you.


And of course, this is in addition to our 24/7 online service, which enables you to log in and check the status of your transaction any time that suits you.


So, if you are thinking of selling your home, and you’re wondering which estate agent to choose, speak to us. Because we know it’s good to talk! 

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