NEW online saving calculator is available now!

NEW online saving calculator is available now!

26 August 2020

To add to our latest news and updates, we’re also very excited to announce the launch of a brand new online savings calculator, in partnership with Homewise. 


Are you aged 60 or over? This quick and easy tool can provide an instant estimate on the saving you could make on any property price - try it today!


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If you are struggling to pay off an outstanding mortgage or have debts to be cleared, have you considered moving home to find financial peace of mind?


Whether you’re looking to create financial security, secure a guaranteed inheritance for loved ones or perhaps build your retirement savings pot, the Home for Life Plan could be the perfect solution for you.


Save thousands £s on the cost of your next home

The Homewise Home for Life Plan is a Lifetime Lease option. Put simply, it means you could secure your dream home in the ideal location (for significantly less than the market price!) without any rent, mortgage or interest payments for your lifetime.


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Homewise have been helping people move home for over 45 years, and in that time have seen thousands of lives changed by the savings available through a Lifetime Lease option. Could a Lifetime Lease change your life?


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If you’ve been unsure about moving due to costs and outstanding debts, you could be missing out on saving thousands this year. Want to benefit from the Stamp Duty holiday saving? This is only in effect for property purchases that complete before 31st March 2021, so there’s no time to delay in beginning your property search.


If you’ve seen a property you like, or perhaps thought was out of reach, discover how much you could save with a Lifetime Lease option - instantly! 


The online calculator is quick, easy and free to use. Try it now and let us help you find the perfect home within your new budget.