Oh, we do like to live beside the seaside

Oh, we do like to live beside the seaside

10 October 2017

seaside dataHardly a surprise, you might think. After all, whether it’s that wonderfully invigorating sea air, childhood memories of family holidays, or the thought of being able to walk to the beach any time you fancy, many of us dream of owning a place by the sea. And it’s been that way for years – decades, even.

So what’s new? Well, another of our regular trawls through Land Registry data has thrown up an extraordinary statistic that dramatically highlights the actual extent of the British love affair with the seaside. It’s long been accepted that costal properties can command significant premiums to those located further inland. However, according to our latest analysis, over the past two years, that premium has averaged no less than 44%. In other words, a house by the sea will on average sell for almost half as much again as a similar one elsewhere!

Oh, and by the way, our research has also shown that homes close to rivers, canals or other waterways attracted an average premium of 19% over the past two years.

Now obviously, all this is based on average figures across the whole of the country. Still, it makes you think!

As they say - it must be something in the water! 

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