Douglas Allen

Douglas Allen's Boss And His Wife Attend Downing Street Charity Reception

08 May 2014

David Lench, Managing Director of Douglas Allen, and his wife Vivien, were special guests recently at a reception at No. 10 Downing Street, hosted by Samantha Cameron on behalf of the children’s.

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How Can I Improve My Energy Performance Certificate Rating?

28 April 2014

When you receive your EPC Rating, you’ll also get information about how the score can be improved. If you want to get the best score on the certificate here are some things to consider.

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Budget 2014: Were our expectations met?

25 March 2014

Now that we’ve had a chance to read through the budget we’ve got some positive news. Not all of it made the headlines so you’ll find that the situation is better than you might have thought.

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Budget 2014: Our Expectations

18 March 2014

It’s that time of the year when everyone is listening intently to what’s going to happen to their tax bill both directly and indirectly through duties on alcohol and other consumer goods. The cost.

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Mortgage rule are changing in April 2014 – what does it mean for you?

10 March 2014

You may not have heard of the Financial Conduct Authority, but they’ve been reviewing the way that mortgages have been sold and drawn up some new checks that mortgage advisors must make.

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Why we’re selling properties you won’t find on the web

06 February 2014

To say that we can work faster than the internet is quite a claim, but put us to the test and you’ll realise what we mean. Information doesn’t magically appear online – someone has to put it there..

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How can I check mobile coverage when buying a house?

03 February 2014

Poor mobile reception doesn’t have to get in the way of finding your perfect home. We explain how to check for signal coverage and what to do to improve call and data quality.

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Introducing Sale by Tender

13 January 2014

Sale by Tender is an alternative method of selling your house. Buyers make sealed offers, which are opened at the same time. You choose which, if any, you want to accept.

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Sale by Tender Explained

13 January 2014

Unlike an ordinary sale where you are told about offers as they are made, offers are made as sealed bids based on a guide price. They are all opened at once on a date you choose. You then choose.

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Why it's time to get rid of Stamp Duty

04 December 2013

Everyone has to pay Stamp Duty when they buy a house. The "Stamp out Stamp Duty" campaign from the TaxPayers' Alliance is hoping to persuade the Government to abolish this tax. In fact, even.

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