31 October 2017


There cannot be a more frightening, sorry, FITTING time to think about some of the nation’s creepier street names than Halloween!

How keen would you be to walk down ‘Hanging Hill Lane’ on a dark and frosty night, I wonder? Or how about a midnight traipse down ‘Hell Lane’ or ‘Headless Cross Drive’? Yes, these places really exist. The question is – would you buy a house in one?

Figures suggest that a selection of around 200 properties with similar hair-raising names had an average price of £296,000, compared to the current national average of around £226,000. Could it be that these spine-tingling streets offer something more than just a morbid curiosity for the bold housebuyer?!

In a similar vein (ooo-er!) this last year saw sales of over 8000 properties with a number 13 on the door and these, would you believe, also had a higher average price than the national figure (£260,000, if you’re interested).

Maybe there’s some sense to all this or maybe it’s the good old British desire to have the life scared out of us!

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