Sale by Tender Explained

Sale by Tender Explained

13 January 2014

Sale by Tender Explained

Unlike an ordinary sale where you are told about offers as they are made, offers are made as sealed bids based on a guide price. They are all opened at once on a date you choose. You then choose which of these offers to accept.

When should I use Sale by Tender?

Sale by Tender works best when you are selling in an area with high demand, you want more certainty about when the offers for the house will be made or if work is needed on the property.

Is it safe to use Sale by Tender?

Yes. Anyone who wants to make a bid on your property must declare their situation – First Time Buyer or selling a property of their own – and must declare which lender they have received an Agreement in Principle from if they are buying with a mortgage.

Can I get the price I want?

Yes. We achieved an average of 99.37*% of the set guide prices in January to March 2014 on Sale by Tender properties

What are the time advantages?

The Sale by Tender agreement sets out deadlines for when contracts should be exchanged and completion to take place.

Do I have to accept the highest bid?

No. In fact, you don’t have to accept any of the bids received during the process.

Sale by Tender with Douglas Allen

You can find an example of a Sale by Tender here on our website.

You can search for Sale by Tender properties from our homepage. Click More Options in the Search bar and select the ‘Sale By Tender’ option.

Why Douglas Allen excels at Sale by Tender

  1. We list your property on our website and the top 5 property portals. The web page includes the Tender Pack with everything a buyer needs to complete and submit the tender.
  2. We will organise Open House for viewings. These can be by appointment only if you prefer.
  3. We have a formal process that ensures fairness. Bids are received in unmarked sealed envelopes. Any identifying information will disqualify the bid. A receipt will be given for bids delivered by hand. 
  4. You can still take advantage of the extra services that help your property stand out, including floor plans, professional photography and brochures. Extra charges may apply but you can be sure your property will make the very best impression.
  5. We have a proven track record with achieving an overall average of 99.37*% of the guide prices set in January to March 2014.


It costs just £150 + VAT (£180) to sell your house with Sale by Tender with our current offer.

 *99.37% of guide price achieved from Arun Estates ‘Sale By Tender’ property sold in January to March 2014

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