Sell before Christmas!

Sell before Christmas!

13 October 2017

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Tuesday the 17th of October could be an important day if you are thinking about selling your home!

It is by this date that, according to the Homeowners’ Alliance, sellers must put their homes on the market if they seriously want to sell by Christmas.

The HOA’s comparison site suggests that a home which is being listed for sale for the first time during autumn will, more often than not, sell more slowly than properties first put on the market in spring.

HOA indicate that, over the last two years, October listings have taken, on average, 65 days to sell – which means that if you want to agree before Christmas you should be looking to list by Tuesday, October 17.

They say that properties in the UK have, on average, stayed on the market for anywhere between 51 and 70 days over the past two years.

Despite all the various uncertainties we face at the moment, it would seem that the average length of time to sell a property remains fairly constant, but the one factor which did lead to an increase in speed was the new stamp duty surcharges in April 2016 – prompting an outbreak of fast deals in the months leading up to that.

If you are not in a position to go to market immediately then, as we can confirm from our own experience, the new year is still the best time to list a property for a swift sale. Homes listed in January sell the fastest with, according to the HOA, the speed slowly increasing in the following months.

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